Moving Supplies

Get all your Moving and Packing Supplies in One Stop

Moving is never fun, but the team at A1 Self Storage is here to help make your move as smooth as possible. We carry the supplies you need to easily pack and protect your items.

We have the following items available:

Recyclable Moving Boxes

Size Dimensions Cube/Details Max. Weight
Small 16” W X 12.5”L X 12.5” H 1.5 cubic feet 65 lbs.
Medium 18” W X 18” L X 16” H 3 cubic feet 65 lbs.
Large 18” W X 18”L X 24” H 4.5 cubic feet 65 lbs.
Extra Large 24” W X 18” L X 24” H 6 cubic feet 65 lbs.
Book Box 12” W X 12” L X 12” H 1 cubic foot 65 lbs.
Grand Wardrobe 24” W X 21” L X 48” H Bar included 100 lbs.
Flat TV 36.5” W X 6” L X 40” H 32” to 70” TV
File Box with Lid 15” W X 12” L X 10” H 1 cubic foot 65 lbs.

Packing Supplies

Padlock                                                            Dish Saver Kit

Sealable Mattress Bag                                Glass Pack Kit

Furniture Pad                                                 Moving Label

Packing Tape                                                  Box Marker

Bubble Wrap                                                  Stretch Wrap

Carpet Protector                                          Packing Paper

Paper, Plastic & Smart Move Tape

Please visit the A1 office and we will help you select the supplies to best meet your needs.

3632 Hart Highway

Prince George, BC, V2K 2Z3