Save on Business Costs with Self Storage!

Have you taken a look around your office, store, warehouse or plant recently? Are there items that are taking up expensive space that could easily be stored offsite where you have ready access?

One of the largest costs for businesses is often occupancy expenses such as rent or lease payments, triple net (which usually includes property taxes, insurance and maintenance), utilities, security and parking.

Depending on your needs and the industry you are in, the costs can be as much as $20 to $50 per square foot! Taking advantage of good quality self storage is a smart way to reduce these expenses, often decreasing them by as much as 50%.

Self storage is ideal for many items used in all types of businesses including inventory and supplies, equipment, tools, vehicles, signs, display units, documents and seasonal items. Many storage facilities offer temperature-controlled units and 24/7 drive-up access, a perfect option for businesses like breweries, wineries and restaurants to store their inventory.

Save business costs with self storage


The benefits for you and your business can be significant –

  1. Reduced costs and increased profit
  2. Streamlined, more attractive business and workspace
  3. Peace of mind knowing your important items are in a safe, secure location you can readily access
  4. Lower occupancy costs means your business is better positioned to withstand economic volatility, rising supplier prices and staffing costs

Great reasons to consider self storage and achieve better business results!

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