Top Tips for Winter Vehicle Storage

With fall upon us it’s the time when we start thinking about storing our special vehicles. Whether you have a classic, luxury or sports car, here are the steps to take to prepare it for winter storage:

  1. CHOOSE CAREFULLY – select a storage location with a concrete floor and no signs of moisture, although climate control is not necessary.
  2. MEASURE – measure your vehicle and allow sufficient space around it to get in and out. This will ensure you can easily drive in and out of the storage unit without causing damage.MODEL A
  3. AIR CONDITIONING – set the air condition to ‘re-circulate’ and seal off the tailpipe and air intakes to prevent pests from getting inside. Rubber gloves or steel wool works well.
  4. CLEAN – wash the interior and exterior thoroughly to prevent rust, mildew, or contaminants from sitting on the surfaces.
  5. FUEL SYSTEMS – replace all fluids including transmission fluid, oil, antifreeze, power steering and brake fluid. A fresh tank of gas and fuel stabilizer will prevent corrosion in the fuel lines.
  6. TIRES – inflate to full pressure to minimize bald spots.
  7. BRAKES – Use blocks to prevent the vehicle from moving and leave manual vehicles in neutral to prevent brake drums from sticking.
  8. BATTERY – either disconnect or completely remove the battery to prevent leakage.
  9. INSURANCE – ensure the car registration will be current for the duration of the storage. Check with your insurance company to confirm that your vehicle is covered while in storage, as most storage facilities do not include insurance in the unit rental fees. You may be able to suspend the collision coverage while the vehicle is not being driven.

Taking these precautions  means you will be able to get your favourite ride back on the road quickly and easily next spring!

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